Remember that episode of suite life when cody lived in his closet and he made it like a little house with carpet and a flat screen


Guys that’s like a blogger’s dream

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I feel accomplished

I feel like I have a proper blog now.

my blog is complete

YES. blog complete.



You must reblog this when you see it on your dash.




My tumblr feels complete. :)

Unofficial rule of Tumblr: This must make it onto your blog.

^ everything he said was true. Must reblog this.

holy shit…my life right here.

just for the shits and gigs



now i feel like in my customize page!!!1!!! omg yeah!!!!1!1!

Im feeling more apart of tumblr thanks to this.


if you say jesus backwards it sounds like sausage.

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number 1 rule of tumblr: you must reblog when ever our creator comes up on your dash

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Olivia Penpraze.

19 years old.

Died from a Suicide attempt that left her brain dead. Her parents made the hardest decision of their lives by turning off her life support.

She had a Tumblr account with over 900 posts sharing her emotional turmoil, dealings with depression, loneliness & thoughts about her wanting to take her own life.

The only response she got, was insensitive assholes, like the majority of people on Tumblr, encouraging her to do it. She was bullied consistently.
Olivia attempted to kill herself every year in May 1st since 2008.

In May 2012, her short life came to an end.

I know most people can’t tolerate posts like Olivia’s, whom find it attention seeking.
My point to you people is…


Of course it’s attention seeking what else it?! People share that part of themselves over the Internet because they obviously feel they can’t talk to anyone they know nor do they think anyone would care.

All I want is for people to cut out the bullying & talk to people like Olivia.
A conversation to someone in desperation could save their life.

If people can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

You never know…
What you say could be used to decide whether they live or die.

Even if youre a b&w blog, reblog this. 

whatever type of blog you are just reblog

if you dont reblog this youre just heartless, this is a tragedy that needs to end.

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This boy made my day.<3


Please read this girls, please. It won’t take long, and you won’t regret it.

Everyone please reblog this. I’m not trying to gain followers. I just want to spread the word that every girl on tumblr, or every girl suffering in the world being insecure, needs to read this. 

This picture right here.. shocked me. It’s hard to just scroll down my dash and see girls reblog shit about how they are ugly, worthless, not good enough, how they want to die, how they think they are fat.. etc. But when something like this appears on my dash, proving that 65,482 girls, and many other girls to reblog this photo, have been called fat or ugly by a boy, it really does show that boys need to grow the fuck up and respect girls. I don’t think they realize that every single one of us, came from a woman. 

Girls, listen to me. You don’t know me personally and I don’t know you personally. I’ve never seen what you look like or any of such. But what I do know, is that you..Yes, you reading this right now, you are beautiful. You do not need cold hearted, disrespectful guys to tell you different. Society is telling you to dislike yourself. But you know what you need to do? Ignore every single word of it. You are not fat. You are not ugly. You are not worthless. You do not want to die. You do not want to self harm yourself. You do not want to feel like you’re not good enough. Because wanna know the honest truth? You are good enough and do you know how you can prove that? If you listen to me and learn yourself to ignore the bullshit that society and disrespectful guys tell you. Be yourself. Don’t be someone who you’re not. If you be yourself, you’ll learn yourself a great lesson and you won’t regret it. When you look in the mirror, think to yourself that you are beautiful because princess, you are. You are beyond beautiful. No one is perfect. Not even you, not even the pretty, popular girl of your school, no one. Your flaws make you beautiful, they make you, you. Keep your head high, I promise you everything will get better. Message me if you ever need someone to talk to. I’m always here for every single one of you.   Thank you for taking your time to read this, just remember and keep in mind that you are beautiful and you always will be. I love you. Stay beautiful.

- Click the picture if you want to talk about your problems with someone, I promise to respond privately. 

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These two beautiful young girls lost their lives last night on their way to a basketball game. They were juniors in highschool and also cheerleaders. They were bestfriends and NEVER apart. They both had boyfriends who loved them so dearly. The two girls were on a slick, country road going around another accident when an SUV hit them. They died instantly. Please reblog to show how much you care. R.I.P. lovely girls <3 your forever in our hearts!

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Lou how can you not see how bloody sexy you are?

I love how he stared at the doll like ‘they didn’t my sexy right!’

zayn’s reaction. i’m dying of laughter.

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